Here's all the people who are making Loot Rascals

Prior to starting Hollow Ponds , Ricky was a co-founder of Honeyslug - creators of games like Frobisher Says, Super Exploding Zoo and Hohokum.

He is also a founder of Wild Rumpus and worked on Tenya Wanya Teens.


Dave is an animator & illustrator who had worked with Honeyslug on Frobisher Says & Super Exploding Zoo.

He has made work for folks like Cartoon Network, Cartoon Hangover & BBC Scotland.

You can find out more about Dave and his work here.


Brent is an artist who worked with Spry Fox on Alphabear, Road Not Taken & Bushido Bear.

He was previously art director on Glitch and is currently working on a wide variety of projects like Mineko's Night Market & Steambirds Alliance.

More of Brent's art can be seen here.


Grandmaster Gareth is the band leader of Misty's Big Adventure, an eight piece band from Birmingham.

He has also released a series of solo albums, composed music for TV and theatre, and is the host of A Complete Waste of Everyone's Time on Brum Radio.

Gareth's music can be found at his bandcamp.


Jonathan is a game designer who has worked in a variety of styles from digital to physical and beyond.

He worked on Sportsfriends with our pals at Die Gute Fabrik and has made a whole bunch of solo games such as Knossu.

Jonathan's work be seen here.


Cassini Sound are composers & sound designers based in London

They worked with Honeyslug on the sound effects for Super Exploding Zoo.

Cassini Sound live over here on the internet.


Max Foster is a programmer and game designer who worked with Honeyslug on Hohokum & Super Exploding Zoo.

He has also made a bunch of prototypes with Angus Dick who also worked on Hohokum.

Pat is a producer and curator who has worked with various folks like Honeyslug and Crows Crows Crows.

He also co-runs several video game events such as Wild Rumpus & Beta Public.

Pat's various projects can be seen over here.

Jon Boam is a illustrator and character designer. He previously worked with Honeyslug on Frobisher Says.

He has had work published by Nobrow Press and done design work for a variety of folks such as Blast Skates.

More of Jon's work can be seen over here.

Maki Yoshikura is an animator based in London.

She worked on Hohokum and has worked on a wide variety of projects for film, television and advertising.

You can see Maki's latest showreel here.

Nikki is a co-founder of Hollow Ponds where she looks after the finance side of the business.

She is a Chartered Accountant and previously worked for PwC.

When she isn't badgering Ricky for receipts and grappling with tax legislation, Nikki is a full-time mum to their two little boys. She can also cook you a very tasty dinner.


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